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Outdoor Lighting Design and ServicesWe are proud to offer the most talented designers in the business! With over 25 years experience designing outdoor lighting, our projects include subdivision entrances, churches, car dealerships, hospitals, museums, horse farms, as well as thousands of Louisville homes!

We have years of experience in helping customers create the desired atmosphere they are looking for with their home or business. It's more than just spacing the lights evenly. It's making sure that the lighting highlights the subject in the correct color and perception while presenting a pleasing picture to the eye.


Commercial Outdoor Lighting DesignLandscape Lighing Company can also advise you on how you can be "Green" with the new LED lights and fixtures so that you still get your desired effect with a positive influence on the environment of your home or business.

We want your project to give you the desired effect. By using our professional outdoor lighting designer, you can be sure you will be pleased with your finished product. Let Landscape Llighting Company help you from start to finish to make your outdoor lighting a success!


To get a better idea of what our professional outdoor lighting designers can do for you, check out a sampling of our Outdoor Lighting portfolio!